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*…A Must-have for Every Baby Shower Registry and Parent!
This is a wonderful addition to our musical collection…both for us and our baby….

*…As the owner of 4 early childhood centers, I am very aware of the importance music has on young children…I have incorporated this CD into our music program because of it’s high quality.

*..Its beautiful, unique & different. What a fresh change to hear real guitar playing, and not all that electric music…..

*…I wasn’t that thrilled with all the other albums out there with synthesizer music and wanted something acoustic. This CD has beautiful versions of familiar tunes and is very soothing and relaxing. I am a longtime classical musician and enjoy listening to this over and over….

*…No more electronic Baby Einstein music

Friends of mine recently had twins and I was looking for a gift that would create peace and harmony in their home.
I decided to buy this Daddy Plays CD because the music is real and beautiful. It is the kind of music that makes you take a deep breath.
When my kids were born, the only thing we had available to us was Baby Einstein which was about as calming as any of those electronic toys that parents secretly wish would break or have the batteries die as quickly as possible.

*…After listening for far too long to electronic, soulless baby music, I’ve finally found a CD that is full of real music. My daughter loves hearing it right before bed time. You can almost watch her calm down as the CD plays…